Karter Dane Reynolds


I am still amazed at how perfect and precious Karter Dane Reynolds is!


Jake Reynolds (a.k.a Dad, Daddy, Daddio) is my cousin! Growing up we always called him baby Jake. Now look, he is all grown up and has a baby of his own. Where does the time go? Seriously though just yesterday we were running around Grandmas house playing ghost in the graveyard, in a graveyard! Because Grandmas house backed up to a graveyard. How were we not scared? We have so many memories together! 

Some of you know I also had a baby recently, Baby Tylee (she is also perfect). I am so excited that our babies will be growing up as cousins like Jake and I did! 

Jake and Brie got married last year, bought a house about a month ago, and brought home a new baby just a few weeks later. Now thats a year to remember! I am so happy for them! Things couldn't have fell together more perfect. 

I LOVE LOVE LOVE taking newborn nursery photos. Theres nothing like seeing new parents in the comfort of their home. I enjoy seeing all the different styles of nursery's and all the decorations. 

Karter Dane is already so loved! I can't wait to watch him grow!


Congratulations Jake and Brie you are now Superhero's, Welcome to parenthood!