Red Eye Flights


Red eye flights are no joke. Travel with 4 year old twin daughters (or as they say 4 and 3/4) and you got yourself pure EXHAUSTION the next day. I'm not sure how my husband is functioning considering we got home at 4am and he went to work at 6am. Yikes. I know I won't be getting out of my Pj's today.

We spent the weekend visiting family in PA. Lets just say the red eye and exhaustion was definitely worth it. My husbands family is HUGE and we added one more to it on Saturday. The Wedding was beautiful. So were the flower girls. My girls.

We always enjoy going out to PA, it usually consists of REALLY good food. Different food I might add. Here are some of my favs....Scrapple. Shoofly pie. Amish butter. Sweet Bologna. Cheese. So much good cheese. Coffee 24/7. YUM.


Somewhere in-between lots of family visits, rehearsal dinner, and the wedding itself, we were able to sneak in a family photoshoot. My husband has the most amazingly talented cousin - Courtney Dueppengiesser (I literally just had to type that 4 different times until I spelled it right). She inspires me everyday, she is driven and so talented! Here are a few photos she took of my family while we were visiting.

Photos by : Courtney Dueppengiesser @courtneydueppengiesser

Well......what do you think? Yes! You are right my husband is pretty handsome! And my girls look a lot a like! I truly am blessed.

NOW....I'm going to grab that 13th cup of coffee and try and get a few things accomplished today, starting with a nap. For my girls of course.